Notes relating to org-roam's-Rough-Guide-to-Org-roam-V2

Check deft?


Org and Org-Roam capture templates

These use

(setq org-capture-templates
      (doct '(("Todo [journal]"
               :keys "t"
               :file "~/todo/"
               :template ("* [ ] %i%?"))
              ("Garden Daily"
               :keys "d"
               :function org-roam-dailies-capture-today))))

Org-roam tutorial (OUTDATED)


Fleeting notes

A slip-box requires a method for quickly capturing ideas. These are called fleeting notes: they are simple reminders of information or ideas that will need to be processed later on, or trashed. This is typically accomplished using org-capture (see (org)Capture), or using Org-roam’s daily notes functionality (see Daily-notes). This provides a central inbox for collecting thoughts, to be processed later into permanent notes.

Permanent notes

Permanent notes are further split into two categories: literature notes and concept notes. Literature notes can be brief annotations on a particular source (e.g. book, website or paper), that you’d like to access later on. Concept notes require much more care in authoring: they need to be self-explanatory and detailed. Org-roam’s templating system supports the addition of different templates to facilitate the creation of these notes.

org-id-store-link copy id etc. Org-store link should work but it doesn’t for now

Unlinked References


C-SPC in these [ [ | ] ] : complete for file title [ [roam: ] ]: complete for file title [ [ * ]]: headline in file [ [ foo* ]]: headline within foo [ [ roam: foo* ]] headline within the file with title foo

#+roam_alias (eg World War II => WWII)

#+roam_key File refs




org-roam-doctor (universal argument for all files)

Export org-roam

Org-roam Aliases