TODO Learn awk and regexp a little?


TODO Do script to get back audio after shutdown

after hook virsh?

TODO nnn ? for keybindings

Plugins to check out: some probably were added since then

  • autojump
  • chksum
  • diffs?
  • finder
  • fixname
  • fzcd
  • fzopen
  • gitroot
  • gpge
  • imgview
  • preview-tabbed
  • renamer
  • rsynccp
  • suedit
  • toggleexe

TODO Dunst history

TODO Clipboard history

TODO bat

TODO Authy to FOSS TOTP + desktop totp

VFIO stuff

TODO hugepages


Video to gif

ffmpeg -i input -filter_complex "[0:v] fps=12,scale=480:-1,split [a][b];[a] palettegen [p];[b][p] paletteuse" output.gif