Make a spreadsheet and what not

More clear cut list from keselo

Casiopea chords

More of the same thing from keselo, make a whole list

Some sight reading pieces

Ear training advice

(hollow knight too, digital because high shipping costs?)

  • Student B thing

Mikrokosmos I, Beyer op. 101, Gurlitt op. 117, Kunz Canons, Mikrokosmos II, Czerny op. 599, Duvernoy op. 176, Anna Magdalena Notebook, Bartók For Children, Mikrokosmos III, Bach Little Preludes/Fugues, Beach op. 36, Burgmüller op. 100, Schumann/Tchaikovsky/Prokofiev Album for the Young, Heller op. 45, Czerny op. 636, Clementi/Kuhlau/Diabelli/Mozart Sonatinas, Bach Inventions, Mikrokosmos IV, Grieg Lyric Pieces, Bach Sinfonias, Czerny op. 299, Chopin Waltzes, Scarlatti Sonatas, Cramer/Moscheles/Clementi Etudes and finally Fantaisie-Impromptu

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