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Poke Village Farm

  • Herb: meh

    Potion, Recover S Lv1, not very useful anymore

  • Antidote Herb: meh

    Antidote (duh)

  • Ivy: A

    Nets for harvest (CAN BE BOUGHT AFTER HR), Smoke Bomb NET (for traps)

  • Sleep Herb: Useless

    tranquillizer (can be bought for mega cheap), meats and whatnot but meh sleep herb is buyable period

  • Sap Plant: AA

    Bomb casings(tranq/flash/farcaster/paint etc)

  • Paintberry: Meh?

    Paintball, ofc, but hard to run out off

  • Needleberry: Useless, unless bowgun?
  • Latchberry: same
  • Felvine: meh?
  • Fire Herb: B

    Gunpowder (sonic bomb)/Barrel Bomb

  • Might Seed: S

    demondrug->megademondrug etc

  • Adamant Seed: AA

    same with defense

  • Nulberry: AA


  • Scatternut: Useless unless bowgun
  • Hot Pepper: C

    energy drink with fish, hot drink (can be bought)

  • Bomberry: Useless unless Bowgun
  • Dragonfell Berry: Unless Bowgun
  • Gloamgrass Root: C+

    herbal medicine

Kotoko Mushroom

  • Blue Mushroom: B/A- now

    Potion/Antidote: Buy Nutrients/Mega Nutrients only (max potion)

  • Nitroshroom: B+

    Gunpowder/Energy Drink

  • Toadstool: D

    poison related stuff

  • Mopeshroom: Useless unless bowgun
  • Exciteshroom: B+

    Farcaster + Its random effect

  • Parashroom: D
  • Dragon Toadstool: A+

    Max potion/Immunizer (ancient potion)

Moga Bee Yard

  • Stinkhopper: ??

    fishing stuff

  • Bitterbug: A? / depends on the rate at which they’re made compared to catalysts in dundorma

    catalyst, herbal medicine(meh), deodorant(buy)

  • Flashbug: A

    flash bombs


    catalyst, mega potion, mega nutrients

  • Godbug: A

    Nutrients, Life crystals (lifepowder)

  • Thunderbug: B+

    shock trap

Dundorma Town Market

  • Catalyst: S

    dash juice, demondrug, armorskin, immunizer

  • Dung Bomb: B+

    ahah poop go brr

  • Bone Husk: Useless unless bowgun
  • Wyvern Fang: B+

    lifecrystals (lifepowder)

  • Wyvern Claw: A-


  • Genprey Fang: ??

    shock trap (substitute to shock trap) use this if you want to level up the dundorma market, otherwise use whichever gives you more between this and thunderbug

  • Ioprey Fang: Nope unless bowgun
  • Nectar: Fire+: only for IG v
  • Nectar: Water+
  • Nectar: Thunder+
  • Nectar: Ice+
  • Nectar: Dragon+

My recs

Use the count wisely, some stuff get used less often than others (eg: 3 demondrug per quest vs maybe 8 mega potions, so 8 honey, or 1 ivy for trap every few quests, etc), use your judgement

  • Top, almost always one of these in one of the farms

    Honey, Sap Plant (also, don’t forget to buy stone at wyporium) Catalyst

  • When there’s free space, and other stuff is not as needed

    Ivy flashbug/thunderbug/godbug Might/Adamant Seed, Nullberies (untill good stock) Dragon toadstool to start stocking up max potions

  • To stock up for MP

    Wyvern claw/fang

  • When there’s nothing really

    blue mushroom

Good things to buy at wypo

changes every quest nectar if ig

  • stock 1

    paintberry fishing stuff?

  • stock 2

    nullberry (very expensive though) maybe ice crystal?

  • stock3

    psychoserum (VERY expensive) STONE BUY BUY BUY BUY

  • stock4

    spider web (traps)

  • special

    don’t buy bomb casing it’s way too expensive (1 stone = 12, 1 bomb = 120) honestly nothing crazy here

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Best weapons

Armor Progression

Fish for cathangea in dundorma

Carrying quests: Use the path/kill advice

Light belt +

  • 3x transporter jewel (1 slot each, gives 2 points each) Better, can potentially get a set with HG earplugs too (very good to not drop from a roar, but might as well kill the monsters) OR
  • Loc Lac Boots

Steamed Fish + Diary

  • Felyne Supercat

    slower depletion, prevent knockbacks

  • escape artist

    less stamina depletion, when running from large monsters (could also just kill the monster usually)

  • lander

    no egg break when landing

Dash Juice, stamina up things, and so on, energy drink of course

Possibly use a stamina depletion HH, but that might be overkill

HH Songs


WW SI WRR atk BBRW earplugs BBB snow BRB cold cancel RRB heat cancel


PP self PBBP dul YBPB adu PBYY adu BBY wind pressure PYBY negate stamina

Armor Set Generator