r/nosurf is a borderline cult (like many subs against specific things), so this’ll be a fast and short digest, to save time browsing for good advice.


  • Remove autoplay, comments, etc, put subs on landing page
  • Alternatively, rss feed + youtube dl and block off youtube entierely

Distract me not

  • or alternatively, Monasetry, for a more timer based approach
  • blacklist “twitter.com/home$” instead of the default to only block the homepage, allowing to access twitter links from outside if needed
  • Likewise, block the homepage only on reddit
  • On youtube, nothing to do thanks to unhook
  • Block any website that gets opened machinally/unconciously
  • block or redirect to a useful, or low addictive website


  • put trends to Guadloupe to avoid any form of TT (in like 2 years I’ve seen 2 trending topics total)


This advice may sound counterproductive but, aside from blocking the homebage, another solution is possible. And that is… having an account.

The default homepage as it comes is full of trash, but having an account might ironically allow to have a proper experience. I’ve thought of a few ways to improve the experience and make it bearable:

  • No: news, global or local, or any content that creates hate.
  • No: low effort content, memes/shitposts and the sort.
  • No: content made to make fun or dunk on people, anything that elicit a sense of superiority
  • Yes: boring stuff, and well moderated subreddits, things one might want to learn about, niche subjects and so on, which will be difficult to binge on but provide things of actual value


  • uBlock to block certain elements, eg: comment sections, and so on Right click, block element